As we want our images to make people care. We want to move people away from apathy and into action.

As we want our images to make people care. We want to move people away from apathy and into action. We want people to be so overwhelmed by emotion that they are inspired to, first of all, be aware of what impact their choices have on our environment, and then make some changes that are in alignment with sustainability and climate changes solutions. We want our images to communicate a story of hope by capturing a glimpse into the lives of our clients and subjects, whether that be human, animal or environment, and we want our images to present a dignified portrait that emphasizes empathy and our common humanity. We want our images to show people a new way of seeing things and take them to places that they might never get to visit themselves with the aim of highlighting how everything on this planet is connected.

If our work can inspire an army of people who care, then we have done our part of the grande job.


IDOLA Photography was formed by a group of accomplished and experienced globetrotters and photographers in May 2019.

Travelling and globe-trotting throughout the expansive 20 years in this planet Earth, this group had gained access, knowledge and understanding about the many different art, cultures and heritages. From North America, to Canada, to United Kingdom and Ireland, through the West European Union to Asia and back to the origin of South-East Asia, specifically Indonesia. Until and then after the time had past, this group realize that they do not have any collections of photography that are worth to published nor framed nor displayed on high quality canvas.


The group of photographers were based in Bali and Jogjakarta, Indonesia, they were accomplished, infamous and highly appreciated, and one of the highly influencer in the community. This photographer group works in capturing stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with humans itself, nature, while promoting the preservation of art, culture, heritage and tradition in places everywhere in Indonesia.
Now, the two groups are merging together based on the shared interests, vision and mission to teamed up under the name of IDOLA Photography.

"Photo focused travel experience in Indonesia art, culture, heritage and tradition".

The focus of IDOLA Photography is providing a service for everyone beyond normal travel. Beyond a travel with itinerary without the real experience, without a single picture to remember for years to come.

IDOLA Photography, its team of professional photographers, superior tour guides and advance travel assistance had prepared specific locations in “Special Region of Yogyakarta” and “Bali Island” that are worth your traveling and trip, worth your energy, time and money. These curated locations are filled with Art, Culture, Heritage and Tradition of Indonesia that are highly respected.

The focus service of IDOLA Photography is providing a curated combination of services for everyone beyond normal photography and travel. Our photography services objective is to provide world photographers, globetrotters, jet-setters, travelers to create and make superior images while learning and experiencing Indonesia’s Art, Culture, Heritage and Tradition.

Images can help us understand the urgency many photographers feel to protect art, culture, heritage and tradition. Our work is about building a greater awareness of the responsibility of what it means to be human. It is about understanding that the history of every living thing that has ever existed on this planet also lives within us. It is about the ethical imperative—the urgent reminder that we are linked to all other species on this planet and that we have a duty to act as the keepers of our fellow life forms

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